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Welcome to my blog

So, I have a LiveJournal. And a work blog. And a wedding blog. All serve their purpose, and I keep them all pretty much up to date. I’ve been “blogging” since 2001. But I need a “sticky space” where I can tag all this info I’m trying to filter through, comment on it, and store it for later. I need to pontificate and digest and try out all these neat doodads that I keep coming across, or at least get them out there so I can’t let myself forget about them.

I need to get my blog on.

I guess it was a couple signs coming together that said, today’s the day. When Deep Throat comes forward, European individual currency looks like it’s making a comeback, and Apple moves to Intel in the same week, you start checking your rearview mirror a little more frequently. Strange things are afoot. I must blog.

I feel crappy about letting this out the door in this state. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to some things, and I feel uneasy putting this up without the domain fully working, the links barely changed from the default blogroll, and the theme not exactly how I want it (see the wedding blog if you want to know what a satisfying site looks like to me). It’s a lot of work arranging electrons these days!

But then I realized — if it doesn’t go out like this, it’s not going to happen tonight. Updates will follow. Life will continue.

So, again — welcome to my blog. Be you friend, co-worker, stranger, Mac enthusiast, cat lover, outdoorsperson, or tinkerer, I hope to have a little bit for everyone. Including myself.

And watch your step — this thing is always under construction.